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Our tailored services ensure you maximize your profits.

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What We Do

At JB Logistics, we transcend traditional logistics services, delivering unparalleled support for truckers and carriers. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with brokers to secure the most competitive rates, ensuring our clients receive a consistent and reliable flow of freight.

Our Commitment:

  • Top-Tier Support: We prioritize your success with expert dispatch services, meticulous document management, and thorough credit check support.
  • Peace of Mind: With JB Logistics, experience a seamless and lucrative trucking journey. Our dedicated dispatchers ensure that waiting time and canceled loads are generously compensated.
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Direct MC Payments

The rates Brokers pay for the loads flow directly into your account as we operate under your MC.

High Rate Negotiation

We negotiate top-paying rates to ensure you consistently earn a substantial income.

Reliable Freight Brokers

We set up your company with our brokers to guarantee good and consistent freight

Broker Credit Checks

Our team performs credit checks on brokers, ensuring you get paid promptly for every delivered load.

Personal Dispatcher

Each truck is assigned a dedicated dispatcher, providing the attention and support necessary for seamless operations.

Document Handling

We take care of fax and email documents on your behalf, allowing you to drive carefree.

Load Cancellation Compensation

JB Logistics ensures you're compensated if the broker cancels the load we booked for you (Truck Order Not Used).

Payment Collection Support

Our team assists you in collecting payments, ensuring you receive your hard-earned income promptly.

Detention Charge Compensation

We ensure you're compensated by the broker for the time spent waiting during loading and unloading.

Why Choose Us

A Reliable Partner in Dispatch Logistics.

At JB Logistics, we stand out as your preferred choice for Dispatch Logistics. Our commitment to excellence makes us the top pick for carriers looking for Reliable and Efficient services.

Strategic Dispatch Management

Our team of experts oversees your fleet, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing trucking efficiency.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from the extensive experience and skills of our dedicated team. At JB Logistics, we optimize your logistics operations through industry know-how and continuous improvement.

Reliable and On-Time Delivery

With JB Logistics, enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed top-notch service. We prioritize timely deliveries, ensuring shipments reach their destination punctually, every time.

Trustworthy Logistics Solutions

Count on JB Logistics for transparent solutions. We prioritize your success by providing reliable services tailored to your needs.

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JB Logistics

JB Logistics - Your Full-Service Logistics Solution for Profitable Trucking

JB Logistics simplifies and enhances profitability in the trucking industry. Our full-service approach covers rate negotiation, document handling, and credit checks. Dedicated dispatchers provide personalized support, and we guarantee compensation for waiting time and canceled loads. Trust JB Logistics to handle the hassle, allowing you to focus on driving and earning.

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    Tailored to meet all your transportation needs, our services provide the flexibility you require for a seamless experience.

Our Customer Say

Discover excellence with JB Logistics. Our strategic dispatch, on-time deliveries, and industry expertise set us apart. See why clients trust us in the testimonials below.

I've been partnering with JB Logistics for years, and they've consistently exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring my trucks are always on the move have made a significant impact on my bottom line.
Howard Chavez
JB Logistics has been instrumental in optimizing our logistics operations. Their expertise and personalized approach make them a valuable partner in the industry. I highly recommend their services to fellow fleet managers.
Lucas Elliot
Fleet Manager

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