Terms & Conditions

JB Logistics – Terms and Conditions

Dispatch Services Agreement

JB Logistics, hereafter referred to as “JB Logistics,” is dedicated to providing efficient dispatch services tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. These terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between JB Logistics and the client.

Dispatch Services, Issue Resolution, and Enhancements

JB Logistics assures clients that identified issues during or immediately after the dispatch services phase will not incur additional charges. However, rework on tasks considered completed initially or modifications to the functionality may necessitate additional fees.

Information Submission and Project Delays

To ensure the timely progression of dispatch services projects, JB Logistics requires all relevant information and materials to be submitted within the specified timeframe. Unforeseen disruptions beyond a reasonable timeframe may result in project delays, potentially incurring additional charges.

Intellectual Property and Code Ownership

JB Logistics’ dispatch software codes (excluding open-source software) are safeguarded by copyright. Upon settlement of all invoices, clients may opt to acquire the codes at an additional cost for their use. These codes are exclusively tailored for the client’s specific needs and may not be resold or duplicated.

JB Logistics asserts ownership of the copyright for all codes created for clients in the context of dispatch services. A license is granted for the client’s exclusive use of any bespoke software, forming part of the hosting fee. This license is not transferable, and no connectivity to the software codes is permitted.

Testing Protocols and System Transition

JB Logistics typically tests dispatch management systems on servers hosted by us. Direct connectivity to our test system by any third party is not permitted. Upon full payment of all invoices and dues, the system can be transitioned to a designated third-party server.

Client Collaboration and Project Specifications

Clients play a crucial role in ensuring the success of dispatch services projects. It is the responsibility of clients to provide clear and unambiguous project specifications, ensuring that all essential elements are adequately incorporated. Discrepancies or uncertainties may necessitate adjustments to the project scope, potentially incurring additional costs.

Project Timeline Management

JB Logistics allocates a fixed timeframe for each dispatch services project. Minor adjustments within the agreed-upon timeframe are accommodated on an individual basis. While our commitment is to complete projects within the stipulated timeframe, substantial alterations to project features may result in rational delays, which are mutually accepted.

Client Disruptions and Additional Expenditures

In the event of disruptions at the client’s end, the proposed project timeline and suggested timescales may be subject to postponement, potentially leading to additional expenses. JB Logistics seeks to mitigate these circumstances through open communication and collaborative problem-solving.

Refund Policy and Credits

JB Logistics maintains a strict policy regarding refunds and credits for dispatch services. Exceptions to this policy may be considered at our discretion or as necessitated by applicable laws.

Unavoidable Delays and Client Understanding

Delays, while regrettable, can sometimes be unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances. JB Logistics assures clients that every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the proposed schedule. Clients are requested not to penalize JB Logistics for any unintentional delays.

Communication Protocols

Email serves as the primary medium for all communications and correspondence. Clients are obligated to keep JB Logistics updated on their current email addresses to facilitate seamless communication.